Interview for Bulgarian National Radio: The town hall in the village of Ravno Pole with its own solar plant

The town hall of the village of Ravno Pole in the municipality of Elin Pelin has constructed and commissioned a solar power plant for its own consumption, enabling it to meet its energy needs. This initiative is a component of the municipality’s strategy to enhance energy efficiency within the country’s territory. The company that generously provided the resources for this endeavor is committed to promoting exemplary practices within the field. Dr. Eng. Veselin Todorov, the founder of the company and the chairman of the “Solar Academy Bulgaria” Association, divulged the details during an interview with Radio Sofia.

“We chose to make this donation as a gesture of goodwill towards the town hall and the municipality, as well as to bolster their efforts and demonstrate that the path to clean energy is not only sustainable but also beneficial in terms of reducing the electricity expenses of municipal buildings,” Dr. Eng. Todorov explained.

Furthermore, he clarified that the solar plant is designed for immediate consumption and does not possess the capability to store surplus energy. This limitation arises from legal restrictions, as the law does not permit town halls and municipalities to engage in the sale of electricity. Nevertheless, the plant successfully covers approximately 30% of the electricity costs. Dr. Eng. Todorov emphasized the pivotal role local authorities should play in these collaborative efforts, involving municipalities, kindergartens, schools, and local businesses, all working together to support these institutions.

“Regrettably, current Bulgarian legislation does not permit municipalities to directly participate in such cooperative ventures, owing to the absence of provisions in the law that enable the formation of these cooperatives up to this point. Moreover, even if such participation were allowed, the process would be extremely challenging. Hence, we advocate for a revision of the law to facilitate the acceptance of energy cooperatives into our daily lives”, he asserted. Dr. Eng. Todorov further added that it is imperative for the state to lay the groundwork necessary for municipalities to collaborate with businesses on projects of this nature.

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