Interview for BNR: Ravno Pole Town Hall Installs Its Own Solar Power Plant

The town hall of Ravno Pole village, located within the Elin Pelin municipality, has successfully constructed and commissioned a solar power plant to cater to its energy needs. This initiative is a significant aspect of the municipality’s overarching strategy aimed at enhancing energy efficiency throughout the country. The organization responsible for donating the facility intends to propagate exemplary practices within the sector. Dr. Eng. Veselin Todorov, the company’s founder and chairman of the “Solar Academy Bulgaria” Association, shared the finer points of the endeavor with Radio Sofia.

“We chose to provide this donation as a demonstration of our support for the town hall and the municipality. Simultaneously, it serves as a means to endorse the municipality’s commitment to adopting sustainable energy sources, thus effectively reducing the electricity expenses associated with municipal buildings,” articulated Dr. Eng. Todorov.

He further elaborated that the solar plant primarily functions for immediate consumption and isn’t designed to store surplus energy, given the legal restrictions that prevent town halls and municipalities from engaging in electricity sales. The plant’s output accounts for approximately 30% of the total electricity costs. Dr. Eng. Todorov emphasized the pivotal role local authorities, in the form of municipalities, educational institutions like kindergartens and schools, and local businesses, play in these cooperative initiatives, as they collectively support these establishments.

“Regrettably, prevailing Bulgarian legislation currently impedes municipalities from directly participating in such cooperative ventures. The existing legal framework remains inadequate in allowing the establishment of such cooperatives up until now, and even if it permits, the process remains considerably intricate. Thus, we advocate for a modification of the law that would integrate energy cooperatives seamlessly into our daily lives,” he revealed. He further added that the government must primarily create conducive conditions for municipalities to collaboratively execute such projects in partnership with the business sector.

For a more comprehensive insight, interested individuals can access the audio recording on the BNR website.