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In 2020, VVT Engineering became a partner of the INDELEC company in Bulgaria. We are the main and only distributor for INDELEC products for the Bulgarian market. We offer high-quality consulting services in the field of lightning protection, as well as an individual approach to each project. The goal of VVT Engineering is to ensure the correct implementation of INDELEC products from start to finish in each project.

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes:
Our partners from Indelec are constantly investing in innovative technologies. Their latest innovation in lightning protection is the innovative OptiMax® technology.

The activity of INDELEC® – France in the field of lightning protection dates back more than 60 years. Since 1986, INDELEC® has invested exclusively in the production of lightning arresters with anticipatory action (MID) under the PREVECTRON® trademark. This involved both fundamental research into the physical phenomenon and intensive product development.

The latest PREVECTRON 3® series provides maximum protection against direct lightning strikes. The same is due to the patented and first implemented innovative OptiMax® technology.

OptiMax® was created by specialists from Lightning Innovation and Research Institute LiRi. The basis of this technology is the neutralization of electric charges that have arisen around the lightning arrester with anticipatory action before the appearance of a rising leader. Subsequently, it develops into a fully controlled electric field, which has arisen in the environment surrounding the lightning rod. This innovative system reduces standard deviations measured in a high-voltage laboratory by up to 40%. This leads to a more reliable process of formation of a rising leader in real conditions of lightning activity and significantly increases the reliability of lightning protection.

How OptiMax® innovative lightning protection technology works?

The action of PREVECTRON® preemptive lightning arresters takes place in four stages:

– Charging of the ionizer and the OptiMax® module through the lower electrodes using the electric field of the environment, which in a lightning storm is of the order of several thousand V/m. This means that PREVECTRON® is a completely autonomous system and does not require an external power supply.

– By performing a dynamic evaluation of the electric field, the PREVECTRON 3® reports the appearance of the descending leaders. The innovative OptiMax® system implemented is activated to neutralize naturally occurring electrical charges in the environment surrounding the lightning rod. Thus, PREVECTRON 3® is ready to act in optimal conditions.

– Controlling the ionization process. The surrounding electric field rises rapidly at the appearance of a descending leader. PREVECTRON 3® reacts at the moment of impending lightning by causing ionization by the appearance of a spark between the upper electrodes and the central rod.

– Anticipatory formation of an ascending leader. Controlled ionization and the new OptiMax® technology are a guarantee for the emergence of an anticipatory ascending leader. Thus, PREVECTRON 3® becomes the preferential point of the lightning strike, giving maximum protection to the building it protects.

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