VVT Engineering

Our company specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of video security systems. Our systems cover public or private buildings, ensuring the safety of people and their property.

At VVT ENGINEERING you can find solutions for notification and video surveillance, fire extinguishing systems, as well as those for protecting goods against theft.

All the products offered by us are innovative, secure and allow their integration in any environment.

Through computer systems monitored and controlled by you, you can get safety assurance at any time of the day. The comprehensive information you receive through our products and services can be your most valuable asset against malicious activity.

The professionalism and highly effective products we offer are highly appreciated by hundreds of our customers.
Our experts provide a comprehensive project assessment to determine the needs of your business or private property, working together with you to design the security solution that is right for the specific case.

For customers requiring a personal approach to work and the integration of more specific technology, our engineers with extensive experience in the field of security and IT technologies provide rational solutions allowing efficient configuration of the system with maximum potential.

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