Participation in the Third Edition of the Largest Forum for the Green Transition in CEE Countries 2023

Dr. Eng. Veselin Todorov, Chairman of the “Solar Academy Bulgaria” Association and founder of VVT Engineering, took part in a roundtable discussion during the third edition of the Green Transition event.

In his role as the Chairman of the Management Board of the “Solar Academy Bulgaria” Association, Dr. Eng. Veselin Todorov engaged in discussions related to challenges and suggestions from the business sector in the realm of renewable energy sources. He presented proposals concerning:

Facilitating a swift, accessible, and streamlined process for the installation of photovoltaic plants on the roofs and facades of multi-family residential buildings.

Implementation of the NET METERING mechanism, which would enable energy consumers who generate their own power but lack storage capabilities to utilize their generated electricity at their convenience rather than solely when it’s produced.

Rectification of Ordinance 6 pertaining to the connection of energy producers and consumers to transmission or distribution networks. Currently, this regulation is not aligned with emerging technologies, often hindering the integration of renewable energy sites.

Establishment of a safeguarding mechanism for investments in renewable energy sources. The absence of clear procedures, outdated legal provisions, divergent interpretations of the law by various institutions, and the internal policies of energy distribution companies have led to delays, unrealized projects, and financial losses for investors.

Revamping the Law on Energy from Renewable Sources to incorporate minimum standards and prerequisites for installers of renewable energy systems (such as photovoltaic plants) in Bulgaria. This includes categorization based on type, installation method, and power capacity. Additionally, the creation of a professional registry for renewable energy installers in Bulgaria and a registry of completed photovoltaic installations to ensure the secure operation of the power transmission system.

Necessity for policies and effective mechanisms to encourage education and professional growth within the renewable energy sector. Prioritizing state support for schools and universities that offer training for renewable energy specialists. The establishment of a distinct academic discipline and profession dedicated to renewable energy.

This year, the organizers of the Green Transition forum expanded their dialogue, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and cohesion among Central and Eastern European nations as they transition to low-carbon economies and sustainable development. The event’s objective is to foster the exchange of best practices and innovative solutions within the context of the transformation toward green industries, sustainable finance, and innovation development.