Photovoltaic plant – Pharmacy Plovdiv

360kW photovoltaic plant to cover the company’s own needs. It was built on the roof areas of a building in Plovdiv. Documentation for Energy Distribution South and the Municipality of Plovdiv, and the project in all necessary parts was led and prepared by VVT Engineering. The construction consists of Schletter’s no-drill installation system using concrete prestressing blocks. It was designed and built by VVT Engineering EOOD. The plant consists of 666 Bauer Solar photovoltaic modules with a power of 540W with a 20-year product warranty and several ZCS Azzurro inverters with a 10-year warranty and different power. The entire construction of the structure took 30 working days. After the construction of the photovoltaic plant, all necessary declarations and quality certificates were issued for the purpose of commissioning.