SAM 96 Photovoltaic Plant – 120kW

We have built 3 solar energy sales plants mounted on the roofs of three buildings on three different properties.

The first plant is a 50kW, oriented east-west on a thermal panel roof. The second plant is 50kW, 30kW of which are oriented to the south, and the remaining 20kW are oriented east-west. The third plant is 20kW and is oriented to the south.

All plants are built with 540W Bauer Solar photovoltaic modules with a 20-year product warranty, the two 50kW plants are equipped with Kostal Piko CI 50 inverters, and the 20kW plant is built with an Azzurro 20kW inverter.

The entire documentation to EVN and the Pazardzhik municipality, as well as the consulting on the project, was led by VVT Engineering. The project in all necessary parts was prepared by VVT Engineering.

The construction is made of the high-quality Schletter roofing system, supplied by VVT Engineering EOOD. It consists of aluminum profiles and provides sufficient opportunity for air flow and cooling of the panels.

After the construction of the photovoltaic plant, all necessary declarations and quality certificates were issued for the purpose of commissioning.

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