Photovoltaic plant – Ignatovo


A 700 kW power plant, designed for the sale of electricity on the open market, has been constructed on a property in the village of Ignatovo, Valchedrum municipality, Montana region.

Documentation for Environmental Resource Management (ERM) West and the municipality of Valchedrum was managed by VVT Engineering. VVT Engineering also prepared the complete project, including all necessary components.

The structure was designed and manufactured by VVT Engineering EOOD. It comprises a galvanized cold-bent U-shaped profile measuring 60x40x3 mm, combined with high-quality Schletter aluminum profiles.

The plant includes 1296 Bauer Solar photovoltaic modules, each with a power output of 540W and a 20-year product warranty. Additionally, it features 7 inverters ZCS Azzurro 3PH 100KTL-LV, each with a power rating of 100kW and a 10-year warranty, along with the BKTP equipment supplied and installed by VVT Engineering.

The external route, as well as the installation of the grid post, were completed and commissioned by VVT Engineering.

The entire construction process for the plant was completed in 25 working days. Following the installation of the photovoltaic plant, all necessary declarations and quality certificates were issued for the purpose of commissioning.