The PIKO IQ is the heart of every solar system and impresses with its modern design, individual shadow management and flexible communication options.

Homeowners who want to produce their own solar power rely on the PIKO IQ for private photovoltaic systems. The three-phase inverter is available in power ratings from 3.0 to 10 kW and can therefore be used absolutely flexibly depending on the requirements.

KOSTAL’s intelligent and self-learning shadow management adapts very quickly to the existing conditions. The integrated shadow management ensures optimal yields even if a tree might cause shade, for example.

The PIKO IQ is not only a reliable and efficient product today, but is also already well prepared for future requirements. Its numerous features and components make it a faithful inverter for every home.

With the AutoUpdate function, your PIKO IQ is always up to date. New software versions are installed automatically. This feature can be downloaded free of charge and installed on the PIKO IQ.

The three-phase PIKO IQ solar inverter is perfect for your own home. With its two PV inputs, modules can be positioned on the roof in a variety of ways.

In addition to converting direct current, which is produced by the PV modules, into alternating current for home consumption, the PIKO IQ has numerous intelligent functions, including self-learning shadow management to increase the electricity yield and open interfaces for integration into the smart home.

The optional KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter measures home consumption in real time to control the surplus solar power fed into the public grid and to create a visual representation of home consumption.


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