The energy market is developing all the time, with growing cost structures should you use an external energy supply – good reasons to purchase and use a solar system for your own business.

Companies that produce their own electricity from solar power cover their own power requirements, while thinking and acting sustainably. In addition, purchasing a solar system for your business impacts positively on the value of your property. An investment in a solar system can be tax deductible for companies. And thanks to guaranteed feed-in compensation, a solar system for the commercial sector also generates long-term returns.

A modern solar system for commercial use meets companies’ very high standards, ensuring convenient and cost-conscious usage and thereby reliably guaranteeing high added value.

The reasons in favour of a commercial solar system: self-sufficient operation of the company’s own machinery and vehicle fleet, water heating, ventilation and climate technology as well as many other potential forms of consumption within your company. This is the very definition of tailored self-consumption in the commercial sector with your own solar system.

KOSTAL supplies the PIKO CI solar inverter for the demanding requirements of a commercial solar system. The commercial inverter was developed in-house to optimally satisfy these requirements for companies.

The PIKO CI (commercial inverter) from KOSTAL is the commercial inverter that meets companies’ stringent performance requirements. The PIKO CI solar inverter is available in three power classes: the PIKO CI 30 with a performance of 33 kVA, the PIKO CI 50 for a performance of 55 kVA and the PIKO CI 60 delivering 66 kVA. The commercial inverters from KOSTAL offer the best performance values and are versatile – ideal foundations for a solar system in companies.


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