Inverter KOSTAL PIKO 12-20

The KOSTAL PIKO 12-20 inverters are flexible and powerful with their broad input voltage and current ranges, and their flexible string design and individual alignment.

The PIKO inverter can handle virtually all roof orientations and challenges. The MPP trackers operate independently and ensure that the system is always operated optimally in almost any combination.

The PIKO 12-20 is ideal for large roof areas and business applications. Large PV systems require reliable and powerful inverters that can be smartly networked with one other and are characterised by their high efficiency.

What’s more, individual module alignment isn’t an issue for these PIKO inverters. Virtually any combination, e.g. on an east/west facing roof, can be exploited to the full using up to three independent MPP trackers.

The self-learning shadow management integrated in all PIKO inverters also gives the PIKO 12-20 unbeatable smart performance. The dynamic active power control works with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter to take account of your own energy consumption and allows you to make optimum use of the energy generated. In this way, you’re more independent and can reduce your electricity costs.

The PIKO 12-20 is available with two or three PV inputs, depending on the power class. In addition, thanks to the wide input voltage and
power range, different string lengths and a variable number of PV modules and module types can be connected.

This makes the solar inverter perfect for converting direct current produced by the PV generators into alternating current, especially for larger PV systems such as commercial applications.

If more energy is produced than is required for self-consumption, the solar inverter feeds the surplus current into the public grid.

The optional KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter monitors the power consumption. The energy meter can also be used to interconnect several solar inverters or to set a dynamic 70% feed-in limitation.

There a various choices of where to install the inverter: whether indoors or outdoors is chosen, it can be used without further adjustments thanks to the high housing protection category.

The PIKO inverters are pre-configured for a large number of countries. They are adapted automatically to the national grid once the relevant country setting is activated or the applicable standard is selected. This is done simply and directly via the inverter display.


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