PLENTICORE BI battery inverter

The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter makes this very easy. This inverter, in combination with a high-voltage battery and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, is simply connected to the AC grid parallel to the existing system. It’s not necessary to replace or substitute existing components.

The PLENTICORE BI also offers a simple option for connecting a storage system to new systems, especially for larger PV generators or special system configurations.

The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter remains true to itself as an all-rounder: it is reliable, smart and easy to use.

Now in its second generation, the PLENTICORE BI is super smart: with integrated WLAN, KOSTAL’s original inverter now simplifies initial commissioning and monitoring. Two LAN interfaces allow several inverters to be networked in series as a “daisy chain”.

With the new second-generation PLENTICORE BI, you get a multifunctional all-rounder that always fits the bill. The second generation of the PLENTICORE plus doesn’t fail to deliver, with more yield, more efficiency and less effort.

Thanks to its AutoUpdate function, your PLENTICORE inverter is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Once activated and set up, the inverters install each new software update fully automatically – so every functional enhancement, error rectification, compatibility and performance optimisation is always up to date.

All KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverters are supplied in the basic “manual software update” setting. If you want automatic updates, you must actively select this function on the inverter. Click here to discover how this works.


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